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Novel decision support software

A clean interface allows you to organize your cases and case files so that you can visualize, scale, annotate photographs in 2D and 3D, and perform state-of-the-art analyses in your field.

Our software is available online so that you always have access to the latest features and bug fixes, but it works like an offline app: all case-related data stays encrypted on your device.

Our development roadmap is guided by the feedback of forensic practitioners and the scientific community with the aim of bridging the gap between current practices and the latest computational methods.

Scale images instantaneously

Changes in scaling data are instantly reflected in your measurements and annotations.

Varied measurement & annotation tools

From surface area measurements to bloodstain ellipse annotations in a few clicks.

No proprietary file formats

Your data remains available in .json, and other commonly-used formats will be supported in the future.

Online proficiency testing

Our online tests feature exercises ranging from theoretical knowledge of the field to qualitative and quantitative tasks, in order to accurately assess the abilities of forensic examiners/analysts.

The tests feature photographs selected by practitioners and are also evaluated by practitioners in order to ensure that each exercise is relevant and representative of casework.

By implementing this process online rather than on paper, our platform can provide additional insights into the decision-making process, and also allows real-time inter-laboratory exercises (demonstrated at a IABPA 2021 workshop).

Relevant data

Collected under forensically-relevant conditions to provide appropriately challenging tests.


Adjust the number and type of exercises based on your needs.

Mouse tracking

Mouse movements can be recorded for analysis.

Audio recording

Test takers can be recorded in order to understand their approach.

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Our mission

At Clotho AI, we believe that the rigour and quality of forensic analyses can be further improved using mathematical reasoning and technology. Machine Learning in particular can play a pivotal role in this transformation provided that it is used appropriately and responsibly.

We are in a prime position to address this challenge and develop innovative scientific approaches. Our varied academic backgrounds and knowledge of the forensic field allow us to satisfy the practical needs of practitioners; the scientific rigour of researchers; and the legal requirements of the court.

Collection of forensically-relevant data with academic institutions
Improvement of human expertise through online proficiency testing
Development of reliable evidence assessment systems using AI

In addition to the development of our existing products, we mentor research students as well as participate and lead research project proposals which can help fully bring this vision to life. Please free to contact us here to inquire about collaboration opportunities.

BioTrackTouch DNAANR, SNSF, SGDSN71 723 197 €Funded - Started in April 2022

Our team

Etienne Pillin

Etienne Pillin

Founder & C.E.O.

André Pillin

André Pillin

Co-founder & General Manager

Jessica Lam

Jessica Lam

Research Project Advisor